UNPLUG for a day- take a breath of fresh air- you’ll be amazed by how rejuvenated you’ll feel when you unplug from the web and from everything other than what is natural.

UNPLUG for a day- take a breath of fresh air- you’ll be amazed by how remarkably rejuvenated you’ll feel.

UNPLUG: Try it for a day, half a day, or just a few hours; see how inspired and energized you look, feel and notice the improvement in your thinking and also notice the difference in how you process new information ….. Yes, we can all connect, in the modern-sense, it’s disconnecting that creates the challenge. Seeking the company or combined efforts of another is fine, though do you connect enough to you?

UNPLUG — Learn to be at peace in your own company.

You and Me Are the Hyphens That Come Between Our Spiritual and Physical Worlds By Lorie Ann Jermoune | TM Submitted On July 26, 2017

In this modern day and age, seems like life has been made less complex, though at a very high price to you and me; our SPIRIT is crying to reunite with our internal man and to connect with the dynamic and evolving tides that are energizing and enriching the earth with a new type of understanding, the way to eradicate pain and establish Zen begins by loving ourselves first.

Seeing ourselves with eyes of unconditional love, as the Creator sees us; complete and whole. Connect to your body, breath in air, through your nose and release the breath from your mouth and cleanse your organs by revitalizing your lungs with life-giving breathes.. Connect to your body and know that it is interconnected to your Spirit and to your soul..

We are all interconnected to one another, whether through the world wide web, or through our existence, and connection to our great Father in Heaven: We are all of the same ancestors, of the peoples, and places of the HOLY ONE…

LORIE ANN jeRMOUNE SAYS,” St. Mary’s Church and Krakow Central Plaza MP900425254.jpg via https://lorieannj.com/
Enjoy your time alone- Take notice of the beautiful skyline above, EVEN IF YOU ARE OUT OF YOUR ELEMENT, allow light from above to regenerate and renew your outlook with vibrant solutions to outdated situations-REMOVE THE POLLUTANTS FROM YOUR VIEW! LORIE ANN JERMOUNE 2–15–2013
St. Mary’s Church and Krakow Central Plaza — — Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

Remember how simple life was when you were 6? How fun life was?

Depending on your year of birth and your generation, life was easier when we were less aware of issues and problems that belonged to others, as children. We were all eager and willing to learn, and we instinctively knew the difference between feeling well, or feeling upset or distressed.

And most importantly, we knew what was in our hearts was our genuine, innate guidance, without having to solicit advice from our parents, other relatives, co-workers or alleged friends….

LORIE ANN JERMOUNE -dreamstimefree_134150SAYS,:Extend your hand, it may be the hand that you’re extending to another living soul, that returns you more positive return than you could have ever imagined. Lorie Ann Jermoune 7–20–2012dreamstimefree_134150 “ Pray for the peace of your NATION or COUNTRY-7–31–2013 @ 1:40 pm EST-

LIFE was much simpler, when we utilized a lot less outside information; relied much more on the internal messages and gut-feelings. They resonated a lot MORE with happiness, joy, faith, and child-like expectations of life.

Life was a lot less complex, a time where everyone had the same desire to live in peace and unity, and not to impede the same desires of freedom and peace of another.

YOU can still accomplish your goals, though you and me must get back to how we first learned to relax at the beginning of our learned concept of connecting. Children connect easily and do so very naturally and creatively, without instruction. For them, connecting is accomplished with ease, and in an automatic sense of unity and belonging. They establish faith in their desirability to connect and enjoy the process in fun and for mutual enjoyment.

Having that child-like faith is the greatest faith; it goes back to our concept of the language skills that were taught to us to communicate and form bonds and connections with family and friends.

Return to your independent ways, verbalize and to listen to what your mind wants to tell you, and not what your EGO desires to hear.

Your own internal dialog, wants for you to take charge- possess what is rightfully yours to begin with and complete your life mission to the end.

Have internal grace manifest from the inside-out, and back again from the outside in.

Complete the circle of peace, release a long, powerful, healing breath of air from your lungs.

Be a blessing unto yourself and by yourself first.

Show the Creator your alliance and bless anyone along your path with expressions of gratitude and respect for others, as you would have them show the same reverence and respect for you.

Lorie Ann Jermoune

Originally written 10 years ago by Lorie Ann Jermoune on https://lorieannj.com/

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